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Workflows for obtaining alternative formats

There is no single ‘ideal’ way of sourcing your alternative formats because so much depends on the nature of learner, the nature of the resource and the amount of information required. However, just because there is no unique ‘magical workflow’ doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking at what’s available and putting together a starting point […]

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Well, what do you know?

Using simple survey tools to measure your progress in meeting the needs of disabled learners. One of the joys of this work is the privilege of working with a wide range of customers in different institutions and helping to meet their specific needs. However, the specific needs of one organisation sometimes end up being very […]

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Alternative formats for alumni and members of the public?

Providing alternative formats for staff and students can be a challenging business. What happens when an external library member or an ex-student library user makes a request? This question came to us recently so we put it to our subject specialists for technology and the law – John Kelly and Jackie Milne worked together to give […]

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Inclusive teaching with mobile learning: lessons across the sector

The Jisc Mobile Learning Guide now features new case studies and video resources highlighting some interesting examples of inclusive mobile learning from across the UK.  Although many of them focus on activity in the FE and skills sector, the case studies highlight the real value and potential that mobile technologies can play in finding individual […]

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Supporting Reading skills

A mismatch? Something I’ve wondered about for many years is the mismatch between the diversity of learners  and the uniformity of assistive technology provision.  For example we know that there is no such thing as a “typical” dyslexic learner and yet there is very definitely “typical” dyslexia provision. The same products come up time and […]

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Alternative formats; where to begin.

How can you improve the offer of textbooks in alternative format for disabled learners, particularly for those hit by changes to the DSA? The best solution is, ideally, to already have an accessible e-book on an accessible e-book platform. Even if the book or platform lacks accessibility they may often be more than adequate for […]

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Accessible textbooks – jigsaw piece 3/3

Crowd-sourced accessibility If you have scanned an entire book under the provisions of the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Disability) Regulations 2014 the best thing you can do with any intermediate copy is upload it to Load2Learn so that others can benefit and even build on its accessibility. However, sometimes you only need to scan […]

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Accessible textbooks – jigsaw piece 2/3

It’s good to share, it’s easy to share, it’s legal to share For many years libraries and disability support teams have had the frustration of wasted time and effort in scanning books that others had already scanned… but that licences prevented them from sharing. Now that copyright laws have changed (see previous blog post) it […]

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Accessible textbooks: jigsaw piece 1/3

The Law got better for disabled learners The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Disability) Regulations 2014 legislation enshrined a right for HEI’s to share accessible “intermediate copies” of textbooks with one another. However, the lack of definition of “intermediate copy” meant that, in practice, hardly any sharing was taking place for fear of falling foul […]

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How we’re working with – and for – the sector

The times they are a-changing Impending changes to Disabled Student Allowances in England could result in large numbers of students – particularly dyslexic students – relying on the mainstream accessibility practices of your organisation. We’re working hard to help you be efficient and effective in rising to that challenge. What we’ve done Accessibility is best […]