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This blog exists to support learning providers in creating an accessible teaching and learning environment.

Image of a person balancing on a railing by a pebble beachJisc is about digital services and solutions: we can help you with the balancing act that uses technology to minimise barriers and maximise opportunities for learners with disabilities.

This blog gives the sectors we serve practically focused advice and guidance on everything from policy and strategy down to browser plugins.

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Accessibility is a journey, not a destination so expect advice and guidance to evolve and mature. Your experiences and experiments can help, so we encourage readers to give us feedback on blog posts so we can fine tune what works using the wider experiences of the community.

The main Jisc website contains a number of accessibility focused guides which we reference in many of these blog posts. If your institution is a Jisc member then talk to your Jisc Account Manager about how we can help you access more tailored support.  but this blog is a way of highlighting good practice and drip feeding results from

Please comment on what you read – whether to commend, critique or improve.

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Alistair McNaught, Julia Taylor, Margaret McKay (Accessibility and inclusion subject specialists for Jisc)

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