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What makes assistive technology work in organisations?

We often look at assistive technology through the lens of individual users’ needs but are we overlooking all the organisational factors that need to be in place to ensure success? Julie Eshleman, a PhD Candidate at University of Stirling, has been investigating what works when implementing assistive technology in care settings. Following an overview of […]

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How can we make immersive AR and VR experiences more accessible for disabled people?

As immersive technologies gain traction in further and higher education, Chris Creed looks at why it’s so important to consider accessibility of these environments at this emergent stage. Learn more from Chris at TechAbility in Birmingham on 16th November 2022. About Me I am a Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Birmingham City University (BCU) where […]

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How can we make speech recognition technology work for everyone, including those with the most significant speech impairments?

In our new blog series looking at researching assistive technology, Geena Vabulas (a popular contributor to Assistive Technology Network events) explains why she’s focused on working in a user-centred way to ensure everyone can harness the power of speech recognition. Interested in being a participant in this important project? Find details at the end of […]