Alternative formats

Workflows for obtaining alternative formats

There is no single ‘ideal’ way of sourcing your alternative formats because so much depends on the nature of learner, the nature of the resource and the amount of information required.

However, just because there is no unique ‘magical workflow’ doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking at what’s available and putting together a starting point from which people can develop their own.

Recently I posted on Alternative formats, where to begin? with a link to our nice interactive guide (but unbranded, so unofficial). This is what the same sort of information might look like as a flow diagram. As ever we’re keen to hear your views on this before we set the production team on making a professional version. So does this help? Do you have a better one you are happy to share with us? Could you use this in your organisation? Would it work as a poster for all students to see?

Here’s the tiny version – click on it to load the big version. Please note that the Load2Learn service described in the diagram has been rebranded RNIB Bookshare collection. It is open for dyslexics and motor impaired users as well as visually impaired students.

Flow diagram showing some recommended alternative format workflows. See link to previous posting for a text version.

Flow diagram showing some recommended alternative format workflows. See text version for alternative explanation.

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