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Ensuring home grown content is accessible

The issue Increasingly organisations are producing digital course content in-house. This covers a range of materials in a wide range of formats, created with an equally wide range of tools. In general, digital content offers more accessibility and inclusion possibilities than the traditional alternative of hardcopy print. However digital content is not automatically more inclusive […]

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Well, what do you know?

Using simple survey tools to measure your progress in meeting the needs of disabled learners. One of the joys of this work is the privilege of working with a wide range of customers in different institutions and helping to meet their specific needs. However, the specific needs of one organisation sometimes end up being very […]

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Supporting Reading skills

A mismatch? Something I’ve wondered about for many years is the mismatch between the diversity of learners  and the uniformity of assistive technology provision.  For example we know that there is no such thing as a “typical” dyslexic learner and yet there is very definitely “typical” dyslexia provision. The same products come up time and […]